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Malted products

Only the finest malts for use in your products

Sourced from our trusted maltsters, we process only the finest malts at our Berwick-upon-Tweed production facility so that our customers are guaranteed the highest quality ingredients to go in their products.

We provide a comprehensive range of malted flours, kibbled malted grains, and coated wheat, oats and spelt flakes that can be used to add flavour and colour, for a range of finished products.

Barley malt flours

In its most basic form, malted barley has been allowed to germinate by soaking the grain in water before drying. This process converts the starchy endosperm in the grain into sugars.

The crystal malts we use to produce malt flours go a step further, as the grains are roasted to crystallise these sugars, which develops different colours and flavours. The flavours of the malts vary with their colour. Flavours range from a lighter sweet caramel to burnt toffee and dark roasted coffee.

Using speciality wholegrain barley malts, we produce a range of malt flours by taking the whole malted grain and grinding it into fine flour. These flours are a versatile ingredient for adding to bread, biscuits, baked goods, cereals, and sauces.

Malted rye

Using the same malt that gives a ruby red hue to beers, we produce red rye flour and kibbled red rye crystal malt. As well as having a distinctive colour, it imparts a well-rounded, sweet, malty flavour to finished products.

Malt coated products

Coating is central to a lot of what we do at Silvery Tweed, and our malted range is no different. We can coat ingredients such as wheat, spelt and barley flakes with malt extract to give a malty flavour and a lightly crispy texture.

We also have a range of malted products in our ingredient portfolio for adding to blends. These include Malted Wheat Flakes, Kibbled Malted Wheat, and Malted Rye Flakes.

What We Do

Grain types we process include:

  • Barley Malt Flour 140
  • • Barley Malt Flour 230
  • Barley Malt Flour 430
  • Barley Malt Flour 1000
  • Red Rye Malt Flour
  • Kibbled Red Rye Malt
  • Malt Coated Wheat Flakes
  • Malt Coated Oats
  • Malt Coated Spelt Flakes

If you are looking to reformulate a product or create something new that will stand out from the crowd, then our on-site dedicated New Product Development (NPD) team is on hand to help you.

To talk about how we can help you create innovative malted products packed with flavour, get in touch today.

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