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The Mead

Located along the north-east coast adjacent to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, The Mead comprises over 750 acres of farmland and forestry where we grow a wide range of trial crops for Silvery Tweed customers alongside products for processing at our factory, it is also home to 150 cattle and 300 sheep.

Growing a mix of crops within a set rotation designed to improve and maintain and protect soil health is vitally important to what we do. We currently grow a mix of wheat, barley, rye, linseed and spring oats as well as having temporary grass in our crop cycle.

Farm history

The Mead was bought in the early 1930s and extended to around 150 acres. The farm remains in family ownership and is operated by the Gladstone family that owns and runs Silvery Tweed Cereals.

In the 1960s, the neighbouring farm was purchased to add a further 120 acres of land. It remained this size until 2021 when Low Middleton Farm was added to the portfolio, bringing with it a further 505 acres.

Sustainability and the environment at The Mead

Sustainability and the environment at The Mead

We have long put sustainability at the heart of Silvery Tweed, and champion the ‘field to fork’ ethos. The Mead is no different.

The farm has 150 cattle wintering in its sheds and grazing on the 180 acres of land permanently set aside for them. These cows provide manure which is vital to improving soil health. Building long term fertility in the soil benefits the environment by reducing the need to use as many manufactured fertilisers.

Any ground that is left uncultivated in the autumn is either left fallow for sowing with spring crops the following year or sown with a cover crop to help with biodiversity and protecting the soil from winter erosion. Doing this also adds green manure to the soil in the spring before the next cereal crop is sown.

Having the farm in such close proximity to Silvery Tweed reduces the carbon footprint of our grain as it travels less than 10 miles to reach the production plant.

Increased traceability

Increased traceability

Sourcing grains from The Mead brings many benefits to our customers; the main one being traceability. By using grain grown in our fields, we truly can give our customers complete traceability, as well as ensuring that the products they receive are of the highest quality.

Trial crops and new product development

Alongside the range of crops we currently grow at The Mead, we also have the capacity and capability to work with customers to grow trial crops that can be used to develop new products.

Working together from the early stages of planning, our customers can help determine the variety, specification and acreage required for planting and our experienced farm team will oversee the growing of customer crops before they are harvested and sent to Silvery Tweed for processing. From there, our highly skilled NPD team is on hand to give expert feedback and help develop your new product.

To learn more about The Mead and talk about how working with us can support your product development plans, get in touch today.

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