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Cereal Coating

Whether you’re after coated cereals, granola or speciality breader coatings, Silvery Tweed’s cereal coating plant can do it all.

In our coating plant, we apply a wide range of sweet and savoury coatings to cereals and seeds including oats, barley, wheat, extruded and puffed cereals. We also produce granola and clustered cereals with a range of inclusions.

Our range of sweet and savoury cereal coatings is unparalleled in the UK market. With flavours ranging from blackberry syrup to sage and onion, we develop coating flavours across the taste spectrum which can be applied to any number of seeds, cereals and breadcrumbs. Our coating plant technology gives us accurate control over the coating process, allowing us to deliver even distribution of coatings and ensure our ingredients’ consistency between batches.

We are also able to offer reduced sugar and protein enhanced products, creating bespoke products for individual customers.

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