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Cereal Processing

If you’re looking for flakes, kibbles or speciality flours, you’ve come to the right place.

At Silvery Tweed, we’re experts in processing cereals, transforming them from fresh grain into food-ready ingredients. The cereal processing journey takes place at our Trading Estate Mill, where we clean and process an extensive range of grains for use in all types of food applications.

Once the grain has been cleaned and optically sorted through our industry-leading equipment, we offer a wide selection of processing options including steam cooking, torrifying, flaking, kibbling and milling. The finished products are suitable for all kinds of food industry applications, from soups and sauces to breakfast cereals and breads.

Whether you’re after a reliable supplier of wheat flakes, or a more bespoke product such as a particular grade of waxy barley flour, we’re happy to help. Our cereal range spans from wheat, rye and barley to rice, millet and pulses, and we’re one of the only UK cereal processors to specialise in barley pearling. We also produce a range of malt flours and speciality flours.

Interested in our cereal processing capabilities?

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