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Innovation & NPD

If you want your products to make an impression in a bustling consumer marketplace, you need to be able to adapt to meet current consumer trends, and innovate to set them, too.

That’s why Silvery Tweed Cereals is the perfect partner for businesses in the food industry looking for bespoke product development. Whether you’re looking to reformulate a recipe, trying to source the perfect cereal ingredient for a product, or working to remove cost from your supply chain, we’re here to help you turn your product ideas into reality.

Our dedicated onsite New Product Development team works closely with our customers to deliver innovation across their product range. We relish the opportunity to support our customers’ creativity and innovation, and our independence, flexibility and management structure enables us to trial new processes and products quickly and efficiently.

With product development and customer support always at the top of our agenda, our highly skilled team is continually reviewing how we can use our existing processes and facilities to develop new concepts for our customers. We can replicate artisan cooking techniques on an industrial scale and are happy to look at reformulations of existing products.

Silvery Tweed Cereals has a long history of innovation and creativity; we were one of the first British companies to specialise in breakfast cereal coating, and our state-of-the-art blending plant was the first of its kind in the UK. Through our ongoing investment programme and our NPD capabilities, we continue to build on that tradition.

We are taking our NPD roadshows on the virtual road this year. Find out more, and get in touch to book a slot. Alternatively, speak to our team to talk through your cereal requirements and find out how our experienced technicians can support your in-house resources to deliver innovation.

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