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Seed Cleaning

Purity, uniformity, integrity: for only the purest bakery inclusions, speak to us about seed cleaning.

Our seed cleaning plant is dedicated to cleaning and blending seeds to world-class standards. By cleaning to the highest purity levels, we help our customers deliver an improved end product. The results? Peace of mind, consumer confidence, and a positive brand image.

A combination of highly skilled staff and sophisticated equipment ensures we are constantly improving seed quality to exceed industry standards. We use the latest colour sortex technology, X-ray systems, metal detection and in-line magnets to detect foreign materials such as stone, shell and stalk, and to spot and remove discoloured seeds to ensure product integrity.

Thanks to our world-class seed cleaning systems, we’re able to deliver ingredients our customers can trust. And with a finished product purity rate of up to 99.98%, our ingredients will help you create an end product you’re truly proud of.

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