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Our granola products help you get creative with the crunch

Originally a breakfast table staple that is now making its mark across the sweet and savoury bakery, snack and dessert markets, granola offers a healthy option or a means of adding texture and crunch to a vast range of products.

We offer a range of standard granolas with our plain granola acting as a fantastic base for you to customise, adding your own fruits, nuts and seeds. Additions can be used to give quick recipe changes to hit seasonal trends, and granola toppers are an increasingly popular way of adding a sweet or savoury crunch to porridge, youghurts, muffins or puddings. Our skilled NPD team will work with you to create granolas that meet specific requirements for health and flavour profiles. So, whether you’re looking for a high quality, ready-made granola product or seeking inspiration for a unique granola topper, you’re in the right place.

We have a long history of working with customers to develop the perfect products to meet market needs and trends. Our wide choice of raw materials and versatile coating plant enables us to deliver the perfect balance of flavour and texture, and our range of flavours is almost endless, offering tastes that span the whole spectrum from sweet to savoury. We also offer a selection of binding ingredients – get in touch with our team to find out more.

Be it a delicious topping for yoghurt, adding crunch to your apple crumble or breakfast cereal, our New Product Development (NPD) Team will help you find the tastiest solution.

Our flaked cereals can be supplied as batches of a single grain type, or as part of a blend for products such as bread toppings.

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  • Plain Granola
  • Malt Crunch
  • Granola Topper

Our STC Plain Granola is a baked granola comprising oats, barley and coconut: tasty on its own or used as a base to add your own fruit, nuts and seeds. The Malt Crunch is a blend of oats and raisins with a sweet malt coating, prepared with no added sugar. Our Granola Topper is a premium baked granola containing oats, seeds and coconut shavings bound with date syrup, and makes an ideal topping for yoghurts.

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