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Healthy, delicious and the highest quality: just add Silvery Tweed’s bakery seeds and seed blends.

At our dedicated seed plant, we clean, colour sort and blend a wide variety of seeds, which we source from all over the world, including the UK, from accredited growers who share our commitment to quality.

Once processed, our seeds go into all kinds of products – from bakery items and toppings to snack foods, crackers and breakfast cereals, we do it all.

What We Do

Seed types we process include:

  • Pumpkin
  • Sunflower
  • Millet
  • Linseed - Brown and golden
  • Poppy*
  • Quinoa - White, red and black
  • Chia
  • Hemp
  • Sesame - SEGREGATED - natural, hulled and black

Our processing capabilities allow us to be as versatile as you need us to be. As well as supplying straight seed, our seed products are available as part of a blend with other seeds and/or grains, kibbles or flours – we’ll adjust our processes to suit our customers’ precise requirements.

Our quality checks are exhaustive: all our seeds undergo further re-cleaning to ensure they meet our industry-leading quality standards, and we deal only with accredited sources who can demonstrate first-class procedures and third-party independent auditing.

Additionally, Silvery Tweed’s bakery seed processing plant is equipped with a dedicated sesame blending line for the purpose of allergen control.

*Poppy seed may contain low levels of Morphine

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