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Silvery Tweed Cereals

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Blending, Milling, Seed Cleaning, Flaking, Coating

Ancient grains

Latest news

3 Oct 2017
Silvery Tweed Cereals is celebrating the business’s continued positive momentum, with recent financial figures demonstrating a sustained positive trajectory over the last five years and further growth anticipated in the short- and long-term.
29 Aug 2017
Silvery Tweed Cereals’ manufacturing team are feeling cool as cucumbers after the completion of a substantial upgrade to the cooling equipment on one of the business’s most popular lines.
28 Jul 2017
More than 1500 children from Northumberland and North Tyneside spent a day learning about their food’s journey between field and fork at the Glendale Children’s Countryside Day last week, with financial support provided once again by Silvery Tweed Cereals.

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Super-seeded: the health benefits of seeds

July 2017

Here at Silvery Tweed Cereals, we're market leaders in the processing, milling and blending of grains (after all, the clue's in our name). But today on the blog we're focusing on the benefits of one of our other key products: seeds... READ MORE

Ancient grains and breakfast cereals | Silvery Tweed Cereals

The rise of 'clean eating': in defence of grains

February 2017

The rise of ‘clean eating’ and the ‘wellness’ phenomenon over the last couple of years has been something of a double-edged sword for the grains and bakery ingredients industries... READ MORE

The benefits of barley

March 2016

As the trend for health foods and ancient grains reaches new heights, a new study has highlighted the impressive nutritional benefits of barley... READ MORE

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Is it toast? The future of the white sliced loaf

November 2015

As traditional lunchboxes become a thing of the past, what does the future hold for the humble sliced loaf?  READ MORE

So long breakfast - cereal is the new dinner!

September 2015

Cereal used to be strictly for breakfast, but lifestyle changes over the years have seen it rise in popularity as on-the-go snacking becomes more widespread… READ MORE

The rise and rise of ancient grains

April 2015

UK retail sales of ‘free from’ foods have doubled since 2008, with £469 million predicted in spend this year. Here we look at the role of ancient grains in a ‘free from’ diet… READ MORE


We can provide storage for up to 2500 pallets