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Silvery Tweed Cereals

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Blending, Milling, Seed Cleaning, Flaking, Coating


Latest news

20 May 2018
Silvery Tweed’s certification under the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has been upgraded to an AA rating – the highest score possible.
10 Jan 2018
Cereal processor Silvery Tweed Cereals is continuing to champion the UK’s grain growing capabilities with its newest supply partnership.
3 Oct 2017
Silvery Tweed Cereals is celebrating the business’s continued positive momentum, with recent financial figures demonstrating a sustained positive trajectory over the last five years and further growth anticipated in the short- and long-term.



Happy Beerthday! Silvery Tweed toasts its 175th anniversary with local brewery collaboration

Happy Beerthday! Silvery Tweed toasts its 175th anniversary with local brewery collaboration

5 Jul 2018

Borders-based cereal processing firm Silvery Tweed is raising a glass to its 175th birthday, marking the occasion by collaborating with a local brewery to create two limited-edition Silvery Tweed beers.

The firm, which has been based in Berwick-Upon-Tweed for much of its 175-year history, crossed the border into Scotland to create its signature brews with award-winning Jedburgh beer-makers Born in the Borders. Silvery Tweed’s Managing Director, Bob Gladstone, hailed the collaboration as “the perfect partnership between two Borders businesses”, noting that Silvery Tweed and Born in the Borders are well-matched in terms of ethos and values.

Sourcing most of its grains from farms and merchants within a 40-mile radius of Berwick, Silvery Tweed champions local suppliers and promotes produce grown in the region. Meanwhile, Born in the Borders champions its ‘plough to pint’ approach, brewing its range of real ales using barley grown in the neighbouring fields and flavouring its limited-edition beers with locally-foraged ingredients.

At 3.8%, ‘175’ is a light golden ale perfect for summer drinking. Its balanced profile of Borders-grown barley, contributed by Silvery Tweed, and its complex mixture of hops create an invigorating ale bursting with citrus and floral flavours.

‘1843’, a 4% amber ale, offers a slightly more robust drinking experience with a moreish balance of malty sweetness and late summer fruit flavours.

The two birthday brews were unveiled last week at a dinner for growers and suppliers hosted by Silvery Tweed at the Born in the Borders Brewery in Jedburgh. The event was held to acknowledge the roles played by Silvery Tweed’s local supply partners in the firm’s longevity and ongoing success from the 19th to the 21st Century.

After giving a brief overview of the firm’s long history in the Borders, Managing Director Bob Gladstone thanked the assembled guests for their contributions to the business, and raised a toast to their collaborative relationship.

“From haulage to storage, and ingredients supply to equipment servicing, we’re incredibly proud of the part that local industry plays in the success of Silvery Tweed.

“175 years in business is no small achievement, and we thought there’s no better way to celebrate than by inviting our associates to enjoy a locally-made beer with us. Silvery Tweed Cereals was founded in 1843, and the way beer is brewed now is still very similar to how it was back then – so we like to think that we’re raising a glass to the past, the present, and the future.”

Silvery Tweed will continue to mark its 175th anniversary throughout 2018 with a series of events, charitable donations and enterprises. For more information about Silvery Tweed, its history, and its anniversary activity, please visit

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