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Silvery Tweed Cereals

01289 307419

Blending, Milling, Seed Cleaning, Flaking, Coating


Latest news

5 Jul 2018
Borders-based cereal processing firm Silvery Tweed is raising a glass to its 175th birthday, marking the occasion by collaborating with a local brewery to create two limited-edition Silvery Tweed beers.
20 May 2018
Silvery Tweed’s certification under the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has been upgraded to an AA rating – the highest score possible.
10 Jan 2018
Cereal processor Silvery Tweed Cereals is continuing to champion the UK’s grain growing capabilities with its newest supply partnership.



Silvery Tweed reaps rewards of healthy company culture with continued financial growth.

Silvery Tweed reaps rewards of healthy company culture with continued financial growth.

3 Oct 2017

Silvery Tweed Cereals is celebrating the business’s continued positive momentum, with recent financial figures demonstrating a sustained positive trajectory over the last five years and further growth anticipated in the short- and long-term.

Figures presented to Silvery Tweed’s workforce at the business’s internal Annual Company Conference demonstrate the business’s ongoing success, with sustained year-on-year growth in volume and profitability evident across all product lines and in all four of Silvery Tweed’s production and processing plants.

Most impressively, longer-term figures demonstrate that this positive trend is no flash in the pan for Silvery Tweed: across the five years from 2011 to 2016, records show a general upward volume trend over the whole business amounting to a volume increase of 37% per annum – no small achievement for a firm identifying itself as a local, family business.

The management team also reported an increase in levels of customer satisfaction, attributed to the business delivering on its core principles of flexibility, innovation, and adding value.

Silvery Tweed’s Managing Director, Bob Gladstone, welcomed the opportunity to share the good news with the company: “I’m incredibly happy to present these figures to the Silvery Tweed team. At the outer level, they demonstrate the business’s continued high performance, but within that they’re a testament to the hard work, perfectionism and dedication of our staff.

“By necessity, the food industry is uncompromising: supply partners and consumers are counting on us to reliably provide premium-quality products at competitive prices, but the food industry is so well-regulated these days that that’s the very least we could be expected to deliver. What sets us apart is our attitude to quality, service, communication and innovation - Silvery Tweed is known to be a trustworthy name in those regards, with an excellent industry reputation built on our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations every time.

“However, we’re an ambitious business and don’t rest on our laurels. Innovation, research and new product development are some of our strongest focuses, and we’re continuing to invest in our people and our resources so we can carry on exceeding our customers’ expectations. Silvery Tweed turns 175 next year, and we have no intention of slowing down!”

The business growth figures were presented to the team at part of Silvery Tweed’s inaugural Annual Company Conference, an internal staff initiative aiming to improve transparency, promote a positive internal culture, and motivate the workforce.

We can provide storage for up to 2500 pallets